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Basically I play dumbfucks, douchebags, and nice ladies who can punch down walls.

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Valoria, a vast continent under the uneasy rule of five kingdoms.

Carathor, a valiant nation known for the noble deeds of its brave knights.
Iberzia, a powerful nation still known for the vicious deeds of its fierce wyvern riders.
Feldenza, a prosperous nation known for its vineyards as much as its swordsmen.
Estelarta, home to vast woodlands and the wisest sages in the known world.
Brixelle, a scrappy nation recovering after the great war.

A mere generation in the past, the Iberzian army was on the verge of overthrowing the continent. But on the eve of a decisive battle, the man in charge of the campaign, the Bloody Prince, had a change of heart when he looked into the eyes of his newborn daughter. He slew his siblings and the king one by one in single combat, returned much of the captured land, freed the many captives of war, and greatly reduced the nation's military power. He became known as Good King Alonzo.

Twenty years after his grand coup, the aged Alonzo still rules fairly and wisely, and Princess Lenora serves as an ambassador of peace and harmony between Iberzia and its neighboring lands. But Iberzia's bloodstained roots have not been lost to history, and with civil unrest to the east and rumors of strange beasts stirring in the west, the king's youngest child must take up the sword. It is at this point which our tale begins…

This is Fire Emblem: Valiant Heir!

It will be a 4-5 player RPG campaign using the Valor System with some adjustments for Fire Emblem staples such as the weapon triangle and large character roster, and will be run over Roll20. If you don't have the PDF, a ten chapter tutorial copy will be provided, please use it responsibly.

What you can expect:
> Grid-based combat with a focus on terrain and strategy
> Noble heroes, dastardly villains, complex individuals, high fantasy melodrama
> Also dragons
> Ability to recruit named NPCs from the battlefield
> Something resembling a support system

What I need to know:

1. Name!
2. Plurk contact!
3. Availability!
4. Character concept! (It's fine if this is a rough outline/brainstorming)
5. Questions, comments, specific shit you'd like to see.
6. Favorite kind of dog.


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