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Obligatory Muse List

Basically I play dumbfucks, douchebags, and nice ladies who can punch down walls.


[personal profile] obtuse_angel
Mikhail Ramphet
Fun Fact: None of these icons truly portray his princess curls in their full glory.

Chrono Trigger

[personal profile] winandliveloseanddie
Fun Fact: Sprite icons are underrated.

Dangan Ronpa

[personal profile] ogrewhelming
Sakura Oogami
Fun Fact: Whenever I play her, I lift weights to get into the zone.

Fire Emblem

[personal profile] chip_and_a_sword
Raven a.k.a. Lord Raymond of Cornwell
Fun Fact: With the way he holds that thing he'll chop his own arm off one day.

[personal profile] aria_ardeinae
Fun Fact: I couldn't think of any snappy egret puns so I went with taxonomy.

Gg Lyfe

[personal profile] xenobiology301
Fun Fact: In lieu of a standard PB I just grabbed all the aboleth illustrations I could find.


[personal profile] cantwhinnythemall
Equius Zahhak
Fun Fact: I love horse puns


[personal profile] familiar_scent
Fun Fact: This was like the first journal for DW I made.

Odin Sphere

[personal profile] dragonraging
Fun Fact: Capslock is very satisfying.

Sailor Moon

[personal profile] spacey_princess
Usagi Tsukino, aka Princess Serenity aka Sailor Moon
Fun Fact: I need to revamp her icons they are not nearly silly enough.

Shadow Hearts

[personal profile] snapshot_brat
Anastasia Romanov
Fun Fact: I am unwholesomely proud of her icon keywords.

[personal profile] stinglikeabat
Joachim Valentine
Fun Fact: He used to be part of Justice League Sirocco in [community profile] anemoi. Good times.

Tsubasa RC

[personal profile] mokomanjuu
Mokona Modoki (Soel)
Fun Fact: I've played Mokona on and off for like seven years.

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